A simple online tool to compare two text or code.


Simple Interface

A simple text editor with a beautiful, minimalistic interface that will help you focus on what really matters.

Simple work algorithm

Compare texts to understand what edits were made by the customer or the editor. You can see at a glance what changes were made to the text and where exactly.

Word and character counter

Track the number of words and characters in your text with a real-time counter. The data will be updated as you enter and make changes.


It often happens that you have two almost identical texts, but you need to know how exactly they differ. Check out the most amazing way to compare two texts and find the differences between them. TEXTCOMPARE.ONLINE is an easy-to-use online tool for the most efficient text or code comparison. It allows each user to compare the text online without any problems and identify the differences between the two texts. A very simple procedure includes just one step: copy the compared texts into the text fields and click on the Compare button. The two texts will be shown side by side on the screen along with the differences highlighted.
The text similarity check service is designed to display changed parts in both texts by highlighting deleted, changed and added parts of the content. Comparing texts for similarity and finding duplication has never been easier. Comparing contracts and other legal documents will become less time consuming.
The service will be useful for copywriters, editors, website owners, lawyers and entrepreneurs, as it allows you to compare texts or code for uniqueness, identify rewrites, and generally analyze two texts for similarity.